30 Apr 2013

Live Below The Line - Day 2

Today was a lot better. Firstly I woke up not feeling hungry - win! And to be honest up until about 6pm today I hadn't had any serious hunger pangs. Result.

So today I ate 

Breakfast: One bowl of cornflakes (really resemble sawdust)

Lunch: 4 slices of bread with lemon curd and an apple (I had been planning on eating my pasta shells with tomato and onion flavouring...but it needed a kettle and we were eating in a park with no access to one...it was ok though - the bread filled me up)

Dinner: I turned rice, onion, carrot, sweetcorn, kidney beans and chopped tomatoes into a dish that I ate with some flatbreads I made - how did I make these I hear you ask...?! Well with my 30p I worked out that I could use 300g of plain flour that I have in my cupboard (1.5kg cost £1.50). I only actually used 100g but I mixed the flour with water (thanks Bex for the suggestion) and baked/fried in a frying pan. Tasted a bit bland - could have done with some salt...however they were great at bulking out the meal.

I've been struck with how generous people have been in supporting me to do this challenge. I have been blown away with how much has been raised for Tearfund so far. And I'm only on Day 2! It's so so encouraging knowing that people are behind you and it's totally making me want to do this properly and not cheat. 

Today my team and I had lunch in the park in the sun - lots of people had bought things to share...I held firm and didn't accept anything. Many people who live on £1 or less don't have the luxury of getting gifts from people - it sucks! Thankfully I only have 3 days left to go. 

Thanks to everyone who's done it all ready - If you are thinking about sponsoring me please visit https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/naomiallen

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