2 Apr 2013

Les Miserables

It finally happened. After months of wanting to see it and struggling to find people who hadn't already seen it I went and watched Les Mis on Sunday night. 

I went with my Dad and it was hilarious - we had bought tickets online and chosen our seats, we turn up to the screen and there are no more than 10 people in there...2 of whom are sat in our seats! Ha, it was fine. We sat somewhere else.

But I really was moved by the film. 

So many people had spoken about how good it was that I was a little worried I was going to have too high expectations. Thankfully, the film really lived up to them. 

I was really struck between the differences between Valjean and Javert. (I'm assuming people reading this post have also seen the film; if you haven't, you can read a synopsis of the plot here) Valjean is shown grace and it totally humbles him and changes him into a man who uses his life for good. Javert cannot handle grace because he is so tied to the law - when Valjean lets him go he just cannot understand why. 

I wonder if that is what people are like when it comes to God. Some are able to accept grace and accept the love of Christ and what he has done for us. Others find the concept crazy - they cannot get that they don't have to work for salvation. That it is freely given. That it is available to all, no matter what their past or reputation. 

Clearly it is an emotional film - I was sobbing as Fontine sang her "I dreamed a dream". Partly because I reckon that a lot of people (especially girls) can probably identify with that song. It talks of how life doesn't live up to the dreams we had when we were young. It was so sad, through no fault of her own Fontine was forced onto the street and had to make money to send back to her daughter...how do you make legitimate money when you are on the street?! I know it's a film, but actually it is more true to life than we like to admit. 

It is a super intense film but you just spend the whole thing willing Valjean to succeed, to elude Javert and to live freely.

All in all, I would say it's a must see - if you haven't been yet it's worth the ticket price for sure. 

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