3 May 2012

Back on the planet

Yes I know I have been absent for a while. In fact I haven't blogged in over 6 weeks. I think I was struck by how that was potentially an issue when one of my friends told me she felt like I had "dropped off the face of the planet". Yes I haven't been communicating to my "normal" extent but I wanted to let you guys know why...or maybe this is just to get my own head around why that is.

So as far as I can tell there are 3 reasons why.
#1. New facebook. Honestly it is so flipping annoying. I worked out yesterday that all the statuses I was putting up or things I was posting was only visible to me because I hadn't changed the privacy setting thing that they have introduced. Frustrating.com. So that is not really my fault because I just didn't realise.

#2. Work. The weeks running up to Easter and since I have been back from a week off I have literally been working non-stop. We had my Boroughs Arts Showcase which was really fantastic - all the acts were just insane. If you want to see a bit what they were like here are the 3 who have gone through to the final
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zb6AgA8YOo - Charlie turned up and decided to sing without any type of backing track
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eI9f98DDAZI&feature=relmfu - Hayley has never had any type of dance lessons - she just has taught herself from youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBzsNYcgoJk&feature=relmfu - Taliyah wrote this song in memory of her Aunt who died last year. 
So doing this show took up 2 weekends and then last weekend I took 22 young people to Snowdon to climb the mountain. Most of the kids haven't been to Wales before, they generally don't see huge green spaces in their day to day lives and it was a huge challenge for them to climb the mountain. But all of them made it to the top! We also did some gorge-walking with them which was an experience for everyone in 2degree weather. 
Work has been taking over my life. I have always said that I wanted to have a good balance of work and play but recently it has defo been more work focused. Thankfully I have a day off today to catch up on a few things...like having fun!

#3. I have been pretty down. Maybe its because I have been working loads, maybe its because I haven't been able to see my friends barely at all, maybe its because I've had to make some hard decisions. But I think I have been pretty down and I know that because when I get down I want to introvert and hide. Which is effectively what I have been doing by not blogging and not talking about how I am feeling. I instead have been thinking (probably far too much) and not having time to just be. 

But I guess I want to put a line in the sand and say that whatever is going on I don't want to just hide away, but I want to deal with things and change my life so that I can have fun. I spoke to my line manager about potential changes I can implement soon so I am looking forward to getting a bit more of a grip on the amount I am working. I began a Freedom In Christ course this week which has been surprisingly encouraging. It's not new stuff I am hearing but it's being reminded of things I have forgotten or not been living in. I like it. 

Anyway, I'll try to be better at being on the planet - in the mean time thanks for not forgetting about me.

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