23 May 2012

Bet you never knew...

I have realised that a number of people reading this blog might not know too much about me...

So here are some random facts to help you get who I am a bit more:

  • I LOVE travelling - anywhere. I have a huge love of Africa though
  • When I was 6 I won the Courtesy Cup which was a cup that one person won every term for being very polite  
  • My favourite food is either Reece's Peanutbutter Cups or bacon
  • I have been to the Caribbean (2007 on Cricket Tour)
  • I am half American - my Dad is from Streator, Illinois
  • I LOVE the sea! (as shown in this picture)
  • I became a Christian when I was 11
  • My first kiss was when I was 17 to someone I had known for 4 days
  • I find it really hard to pay for things under £5 on card...it just doesn't seem right to me
  • Every year I have a few days where I will sneeze HUNDREDS of times! But then I have a really long sleep and I'll be fine.

So that's 10 things about me....
give me 10 things I might not know about you!


  1. I played a man in a school musical in year 6 - I was the Dyn Blin (Angry/bitter man).

    I once woke up with a slug on my face whilst on an army cadet weekend sleeping outside.

    I nearly got abducted in Turkey (I'm not sure you know this story).

    When I was little, if I didn't want to leave somewhere I used to hide my shoes behind radiators (it worked a treat!).

    I still sleep with a teddy at night.

    I make the best cheesecake in the world.

    I like to pay for everything on card because I know if I have money I'll spend it.

    I have a really cool purse with elephants on (you have to see it!)

    I'm thinking more and more about becoming a teacher in a few years.

    I miss you.

    (ok a few of them were cheats ;))

    Beth xxx

  2. Cutest photo ever :)

    My first kiss was at 16 in the park - romantic aey? That relationship was just weird and only lasted for about 3 weeks. Thankfully, my second ever proper boyfriend was Josh :)