24 May 2012

My best guy friend

Do you know who it is?

I promise this is not my boy friend...but every girl should definitely have a best guy friend.

Mine is.....
That's right....TOM SMITH

a.k.a: Smithy, Tommo, Smithers, Oh

There are many reasons why I love Smithy and I will list a few so you can understand why he is a quality guy.

  • He is really good at laughing at himself (and me)
  • He is incredibly generous
  • He has been my "date" to a ridiculous amount of events over the last few years (see below)

  • He is the world's most qualified usher
  • He has a car
  • He is a very good listener and advice giver
  • I lived with him (and Tim and Lee) in my final year at uni and I still love him....that's got to say something!

  • We got fake engaged and started a whirlwind reaction with this photo

  • He's been there for significant events in my life

  • He makes me laugh A LOT

  • We have a really chilled out friendship where we can totally rip each other and it's ok...and we know FAR TOO MUCH about each other

  • Lastly he's the only guy I know who would willingly brave Oxford Street in 29 degree heat with me to help me buy shoes.

So Tommo - this one's for you. Love* to the max. x

* NOTE: Very platonic, sisterly love...for all you matchmakers out there...

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  1. Yey!!! And I get to say that I'm related to such a fantastic guy! :)