20 May 2012

Being blessed

Quick one today. But not a little topic... 

I have had a pretty tough couple of months but recently I have been struck by how much God has and is blessing me. 


  • I have a stable, fun, fulfilling job at a time when many people are without work
  • I live in a place where I have access to everything I could need or want
  • I have opportunities to develop my passions
  • I have friends who I can laugh with
  • My team love me enough to have bought me a hamster
  • People are constantly encouraging me
  • I have a Church which is a welcoming community to me
  • I was given a bike on extended loan today!
God has provided for my every need. Sometimes I think it's easy to see what I don't have rather than what I do. I have a flipping good deal right now - I can't really complain at all!

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