28 May 2012

A busy yet relaxing weekend

So you may have noticed I have eased off the blog the last few days and that was because I was having too much fun being outside. I'll give you a little low-down...

Work as normal until 3 when I went to pick up my friend Rhiannon who I used to work with in Aberystwyth. She had come down for a visit mainly because I wanted her to play in the charity netball match we were having against Moonpig that afternoon. So yes XLP were playing Moonpig  in both a football and netball match. I was in charge of organising the netball team and to be honest it was a right faff. You would think it would be easy to get 10 people (not even just girls) who would want to play a game of netball on a  Friday afternoon....oh no...I had people dropping out left, right and centre. It was crazy - I know I am quite into sports, but I didn't realise how much other people hate them. 
Anyway so the game was fantastic (mainly because we won) but also because it re-kindled my love of netball. Oh my word I was loving it. I was probably getting a little too into it considering we were just playing them as a friendly. But yes the final score was 10-7. Straight after I was off to a project I run taking Rhi with me to see some of the work I do.
After this we decided to go for a victory drink and my friend Tom (Smith...you might remember him from previous blog posts) came and joined the two of us and two of my team mates. Totally chilled way to end the week.

Got up really leisurely. Rhi really really wanted to go to Chelsea to see if she could star spot any of the celebs from "Made in Chelsea"...I have to confess I haven't seen any of this show but she is convinced that they are all amazing. So we had a wander and I was totally enraptured by Chelsea market outside the Saatchi Gallery - if you are hungry DON'T GO THERE....so much beautiful looking food on sale. We spent the day seeing Buckingham Palace, sunbathing and getting free ice cream in Covent Garden :) win. Another winner of a day.

Church in the morning which was fantastically challenging. Really made me reassess how big God is and how his glory* is magnificent. I took some notes and may well blog in more depth about it later in the week. 
After Church I went straight to Tom's house because my friend Sarah (a.k.a Ralphy) had arrived and we were all getting ready to attend the BAFTAs. Yes that's right the British Academy Film and Television Awards...! Now the BAFTAs these days is actually split so the film BAFTAs happen in March at the Royal Opera House and the TV ones are in May at Royal Festival Hall so that's where we were going. It was a bit insane to be honest. I couldn't quite get my head around it...walking down the red carpet was just surreal. Everyone was looking at you clearly thinking "are they famous...?" I managed to make it down the carpet without tripping which had been my worry and then we were very briskly whisked off to a balcony before all the real celebrities arrived. 

Now I am not a massive TV fan, I don't own one, I rarely watch iplayer or equivalents and I don't really have time to watch anything religiously. However after attending this I did think I need to watch some more - honestly some of the programmes nominated for awards looked fantastic. I am a Sherlock fan and so was a little disappointed that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) didn't win best leading actor, but his colleague Andrew Scott (Moriarty) won best supporting actor so that was ok. The whole thing was a little weird because all the plebs were up in the top circle miles away from all the celebrities. Sad times. I was looking forward to trying to blag that I had starred in something...no such luck. After the awards we went and got some dinner along South Bank...I don't really know how you beat that kind of a day.

All in all had a winner of a weekend. 

* Did you know that the original translation of glory means "weighty", so when we talk about God's glory we are talking about his "weightyness" and how his glory displaces other things.....more to come....

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