11 Sept 2012

Back to it

So if you are someone who reads my blog regularly you may be wondering why I haven't blogged in like 2 months...and well I have no excuse other than...I was busy and out of routine. 

I love routine. Seriously, I love having a pattern of life that I can predict. Not that I think I am a rigid-must-stick-to-a-routine person. For me having a routine is like a guideline that helps me fit everything in, but then if something else pops up I'm totally happy to adapt to incorporate it in. Anyway, that isn't what I wanted to blog about. 

Much as I love routine, I also love the summer - I love sun, chilled evenings in pub gardens, picnics, this year I was loving watching Olympics on big screens across London too.

As an overview I decided to give you a picture tour of my summer:
Student Graduation - my team all graduated from XLP and have gone onto various things.

Then I had a week off where I went home and was able to see my brother perform in his year 6 panto - hilarious. Also saw the Olympic torch come through T/Wells. Me and my Mum.

Went to A LOT of weddings! Here are 3 out of the 5: 
Tim and Emma
 Chris and Sarah
 Joel and Eleri
(All these weddings were photographed by my friends Naomi and Malcolm and these are their photos - check out more at mustardyellowphotography@blogspot.com

I spent a week doing some local mission in Beckton, a week with my kids in Lewisham and a week at Soul Survivor. THEN I had some time off again and spent most of it in ROME!

Rome was IMMENSE. I love history and I love exploring and it was such a good opportunity to be able to explore a city and learn about how much history was there. Potential weird favourite place was this old monastery called the Capuchin Crypt. So it used to be a place where monks lived (the capuchin monks looked a little bit like Friar Tuck from Disney Robin Hood, as in brown robes and pointy hoods). During some time when the monks were being persecuted they hid in the crypt, which is where other monks had been buried, and one of the hiding monks decided to make decorative patterns from the bones of the dead monks...so you walk through these rooms that have names like "Room of skulls, room of pelvis', room of thigh and shoulder bones" etc and all around you are hundreds and thousands of bones in patterns, or to symbolise things. It's pretty creepy, especially when we looked above our heads and realised there were bones hanging down! But also quite cool because I learnt loads about monks and St Augustine who started the order. 

Anyway, no I am back to work and getting my new team of trainee youth workers on Saturday. Nervous but excited. 

Back into routine so should be blogging more :) 

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  1. I love Rome too! It's the best :) went to this awesome church, which I forget the name of, which had three layers to it... the present layer, and underneath that was the Roman/old medieval Church, and below that was an old Roman road and temple! It was the most amazing place EVER. Really good to see you a few weeks back btw :) xxx