1 May 2013

Live Below The Line - Day 3

Temptation Day. 

After doing this for 2 days with relatively few opportunities to cheat, today was difficult.

Firstly, I was working in a school where as part of our work we get free lunch with the kids. Not today. I managed to steer clear of the canteen and was actually not feeling too hungry...until some kids brought food into the classroom where I was.

Then I met up with a friend and the temptation was to get a drink other than water and sit in the sun (a nice lemonade perhaps) - but I didn't.

Then I went to a meeting where there were cakes on the table...managed to resist the urge.

Finished off with a trip to the pub quiz with my Church small group where people offered to share food with everyone...just about managed to stay strong (which was particularly impressive as I hadn't had a chance to have dinner yet, so was ravenous).

This whole idea of food being readily available yet out of reach is one I am getting my head around. I mean for people living on £1 a day there is food in the shops, food is there, it's not like there is a shortage; however, they cannot access it. The funds they have are too limited meaning it is out of reach. For me even living on £1 a day I have easy access to more food - friends sharing, free school dinners etc...even this is a luxury most people do not have.

My friends Naomi and Malcolm (check out their photography website here) enlightened me to some people who are doing Live Below Line but with a "rich girl" (normal Western shop) and a "poor girl" (£1 a day) they have to eat their meals together and are blogging about it - you can take a look here

So today what did I eat:
Breakfast: 1 bowl of cornflakes (it's seriously being forced down now...)
Lunch: pasta shells with tomato/onion flavouring (actually better than I thought they would be!) 2 slices of bread with lemon curd
Snack: banana
Dinner: Jacket Potato with carrots/sweetcorn/kidneybeans in gravy. 

This dinner was defo my favourite so far - think my mouth appreciated a change from rice mush. 

I have noticed that my concentration is being affected by my diet. Today I found it really difficult to focus in meetings and by 8pm when I was at the pub quiz I was on a different planet! Also seeing how my patience is a bit weaker than it normally is. It's so weird how diet/amount of food has such a big impact on our bodies!

Last thing - today I hit the £350 for sponsorship. Thank you so SO much everyone who has contributed. I cannot say how much of an encouragement that is. If you haven't done it yet and would like to the link is https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/naomiallen

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