17 Apr 2013

Tribute. Beth Evans you are a winner.

So, I know I've said it before but, my housemate is a beauty. Seriously, considering I didn't really know her when I moved in (a bit of a long story), it has worked out so well.

So here is a top 10 of why I think Beth Evans is a WINNER.

#1. She found a beautiful oasis of a house and invited me to live in it with her.
#2. She shares her ice-cream with me
#3. She doesn't get annoyed when I make random noises when we're just working in the evenings...(I do that a lot)
#4. She is a fantastic listener and super encourager
#5. She is someone who wants to love others and be there for them - really servant-hearted. Even with the kids she teaches she just serves them by teaching them really well. 

#6. She makes me laugh A LOT
#7. We share an ability to kill all plants in our care
#8. She enjoys adventures
#9. She shares a love of Revenge, Grey's Anatomy and Broadchurch
#10. She is super laid back and a joy to live with - she totally oozes Jesus to me. 

Outside our house
Her usual antics of getting into trouble with the Police...

So yea. I am really lucky to live with someone who is great and who finds me (vaguely) funny. 

Beth - you truly are a joy and blessing in my life. 

ps. Please don't be mad by the number of photos in this post...and take to heart the deep words of love....


  1. When I read your blog Naomi I always hear the voice of God, I catch some of his joy, his compassion, his kindness, his generosity, his goodness and I'm reminded that when we let him (as you and Beth do!)He does "immeasureably more than we can ask or imagine"
    Your blogs increase my faith.... so thanks a lot :-)

  2. Clare I really appreciate your encouragement. It's good to know my ramblings are being used to bless you. Your encouragement has lifted me! x