15 May 2012


This week more than any other I am having to wear a multi-task hat. There is SO much going on.

Normally I have a team of 5 to generally boss around and get to help me, but for various reasons this week that has been depleted to 2 sometimes 3. Now normally that would be ok because most of our sessions we could just about run with that number of leaders...but this week not only have we got our normal timetable (which is really full) we are also doing 3 assemblies in Tunbridge Wells. Plus I am speaking on Wednesday night and on Friday night at 2 different events. 


So today I have needed to lead a team meeting, run a lunch club, buy food for and run a youth club, get home and pack to come back to Tunbridge Wells, buy prizes, feed the hamster, go to a Freedom in Christ course I am doing, get on the train to get home, finish the assembly powerpoint....sleep. I feel like my brain is constantly thinking of where I am going to fit things in - it's like a giant game of tetris but instead of blocks, the things dropping are slots of time to use for planning/writing/packing/eating etc. 

I have always thought I can multitask quite well but seriously this is on another level. 

How do you cope when you have a ridiculously busy week with loads to remember?


  1. Prioritise! And pray. When you have time off make sure you RELAX and PRAY :)

  2. Rachael I am relaxing today - so chilled out, I'm loving it. x