8 May 2012


Today I have cried. A lot.

It's not just because I am hormonal. It's because I am sad too. I'm really sad today.

I believe in a God who brings hope to EVERY situation but there are times when it is really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When it is hard to trust that he has a plan or that he is in control. 

There are times when even though I know God brings hope, I feel hopeless. Linking up the two is hard. And sometimes I can't link them up. When that happens I cry. 

Thankfully God is God. He can do all things. He brings hope in all situations - even when I'm crying. 


  1. It's okay to feel hopeless sometimes and to cry. You know that God has it in his hand, even if right now it hurts.

    Sending you big hugs. If you ever want to chat about anything you know where I am. Love you lots and praying for you now xxx

  2. Really sorry to hear that thinks are tough. Your honesty is great and really encouraging, though. Quite often Christians try to hide their pain and it makes people feel even more alone. Praying for you loads!

    Your post really reminded me of Psalm 42. Even though there are times when we feel so downcast we know that we can still praise God despite the pain.

  3. Hey big hugs. I know the feeling as well and its something I am dealing with too. hope you are ok lovely lady Vickyxx

  4. Crying is a part of the healing process. Look at the Psalms and how David cried and shouted to God about his problems. If you were smiley and happy all the time and never experienced pain and suffering you would be a. delusional and b. a bit weird! It's good to be real and every part of our journey has a purpose. I really hope God shows you why you are going through this time and that you are strengthened in Him.

    Love you xx

  5. Thanks guys - I really do appreciate your encouragement and support. Big love back. x