5 Jun 2012

Jubilee and Boobies

Yes so you may have noticed that there has been somewhat of a patriotic theme for the last few days and I for one LOVE IT. 

On Saturday Evening I went for a walk with my friend through central London looking at the various Jubilee sights and it was really cool to see all the MASSIVE flags up. Check out Regents Street below...

There is something special about London all being united about one event....and it's not just London! It was the whole country. Having now seen all of the celebrations and the response to every event I have been pretty impressed. The Queen is a very popular figure. I've been trying to work out why people love her so much. This is what I've got so far:
  • Many people have only known Britain ruled by her - know nothing different
  • She has been a constant in a world which is ever evolving
  • She has a weird mystique which means people don't know very much about her but when she does share anything she always leaves you wanting more
  • She's a trooper - serving as Sovereign for 60 years, standing in the rain for that Jubilee Boat Parade...
  • She seems to take a genuine interest in the people she meets and she is proper clever!
That is all I have so far...but even still that is a pretty impressive list. To have been in the public eye for that long and to be so well respected and honoured has got to mean something. I was thinking today that to be a public figurehead you have got to have a heck of a lot of wisdom and it seems that ole Elizabeth has a good stash. I wonder if that is because of her faith?

I actually have spent most of the weekend outside of London visiting my friend Ralphy in Norwich (which is a very nice place by the way!), but was watching bits of the celebrations on the TV. I came back today and found out my brothers girlfriend is currently working in St Paul's and totally saw the Queen today. 

This evening a group of people from my Church and I entered our local pub quiz. There were 11 of us so we entered 2 teams and I was surprised at how high the standard was! My team actually came last (out of 8) and the other team came about 4th I think. However because we came last we did get the booby prize...(this is where the boobies part of the title fits in...)

That's right this weird not-quite-key-ring-not-quite-attachable-to-anything thing was ours! It does fit the Jubilee theme though as it's a big fake diamond and it says princess and has a crown attached. It was a really fun evening - good to do something social with Churchy folks.

Tomorrow my Church is hosting a Sing-a-long Sound Of Music...CANNOT WAIT!

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