21 Jun 2012

Your Choice DAY 4

I was asked a couple days ago to blog about my best XLP moment/experience so that is the focus today. You may have noticed that I don't tend to blog too much about work on here, that is for two main reasons a) this is an open blog so anyone can read it if they want to, including the young people I work with; so it's always a bit tricky to talk about specifics even if I change names because people might be able to guess who it is...b) to me my job is my job and even though I am lucky enough to have a really fun job that I enjoy, I also get used to it and it becomes normal routine so I think it's fairly boring to blog about.

But ANYWAY, today I have come up with 3 of the top things about working for XLP and you can choose which one you think would be your best if you were me.

#1. Seeing the little changes in young people - so the kid who comes to the lunchtime club that I run who can't sit still and is always trying to start fights, seeing them actually helping to set up, or engaging with the talk and discussion, seeing them be friends with someone who's by themselves...that's pretty special - seeing the transformation

#2. Meeting EVERY Monday morning with the whole staff team to pray about things that have happened and are due to happen. Such an encouraging time to be able to hear and share what God is doing (alot).

#3. Taking kids away from their normal settings and seeing how some quality time will totally change your relationship with them. I took a load of pretty challenging girls from one of my projects away for a weekend before Easter and the impact that it has made on the relationships we have has been huge...all because of some effort and time.

There are loads of reasons why I love working for XLP though - most of them revolve around the people I get to work with because they are all a pretty class bunch of people. We keep each-other laughing and come up with the best (and worst) ideas for youth work. They are all jokers too (for evidence read the first paragraph in this post). 

If you want a bit more of an idea about what XLP does why not come and do Urban Mission Week with me and the gang?!

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