20 Jun 2012

Your Choice DAY 3 aka Starkers?!

So today I have been trying to think about something nice I can do with my team as a "good work" on everything they have done on the year. So as you do you go onto google and type in fun activities for evenings in London...
and this is what came up 

If you scroll down on that page something grabbed my attention...STARKERS?! Apparently there is a naked club in Vauxhall - ha! The blurb made me laugh a lot. 
Would I ever take my team there...no! I think they would actually cry and try to kill me. It's weird because I would actually never consider going to something like that even though I am pretty alright with nakedness (you may have noticed from this post). The thought of being in a club where everyone is naked just seems very scary and like clubs can be pretty sexual places when people are wearing clothes, let alone when people are naked! 

So I am still thinking of ideas of nice, fun things to do with my team (I have a couple in my head) but if you have any brain waves please share because it would be good to make sure that I do something really nice for them as they have put up with me as their boss since September. 

Come back tomorrow to hear what my highlight of XLP this year has been...

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