18 Jun 2012

Your Choice DAY 1

I find it a little weird how my post yesterday had 102 views and yet 2 people left comments saying what they wanted me to blog about...what happened to you other 100?!

I'm guessing you either are not too bothered about what I say and read this as procrastination, or you just couldn't choose between all the options...

Anyway so the two things I have been asked to blog about are the random things that happen in my life and the inner workings of my brain. So here are a few thoughts about those two topics...

1. I have always thought of myself as an automatic analyser - like I analyse a situation or my own actions without really thinking about it. E.g. I see someone crying, my automatic response is "they are crying, I should see if there is anything I can do to help them", so off I go...I thought this was a perfectly good way of living and acting until my Mum mentioned that I should reflect more on my actions. Now I respect my Mum and listen to what she says; so that is what I have been trying to do - reflect on why I do the things I do. So far this is what I've got

  • Is it that I want people to like me - probably 
  • Is it that I like helping people - definitely
  • Is it that I have a little bit of a Saviour complex - potentially. 
  • Is it that I like to get involved because it makes me feel important and needed? - partially
  • Is it that I don't know how you live a life that points to God without getting involved? - most likely
2. My next big problem is what do I do with all this reflecting matter? How does it affect my day to day life? Still working on that one...

3. Random things that have happened to me lately:
  • I saw a guy sitting on the bus with both his trousers and pants BELOW his bum...so his BARE BUM was on the seat!
  • I got given a space command hamster cage for my hamster Lewis - it is VERY cool - will post a photo in a later post
  • I asked this girl at my Church if she had come to pick up her son from the Youth Classroom and she was actually a youth...

If you want me to blog about less deep things or different topics let me know - this is your week to choose.

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