19 Jun 2012

Your Choice DAY 2

Ok so after Day 1 I had some more feedback on what people wanted to hear about...namely more stories about my friend Tom, and just day to day things...so here goes some musings to fill day 2.

  • I am going to admit something to you...I have an addiction...to the game tetris. I play it A LOT. Like if I am on the phone to someone but sitting at my desk i'll start to play tetris with my other hand. I recently joined "tetris battle" on facebook - MISTAKE. Honestly I don't think I have wasted so much time in my life just playing other people online...so I am going to remove myself from it before it takes over my life! 
  • That leads to a slightly more serious point; I find procrastination really easy...don't you? I could easily see a job that needs doing and it could be weeks before I "get around" to doing it. But honestly now why is procrastination such a big part of my life? Why is it that I don't just get on with things when I see they need doing. Prime example - emptying the bin in my room. It requires tying up the bin bag and taking it downstairs, outside to the wheelie-bin...approx time required: 3mins. Will take me approx 3 weeks depending on how much is piling up around the bin. What is it though that stops us from doing what we know needs to be done? I think it comes down to the fact that I am lazy. I only want to do things when they are convenient to me...which to be fair is nearly always when it can't wait any longer. Not sure this is a good thing so going to try to be less lazy.
  • Today we had our weekly team meeting. I really like team meetings because it's a chance for all 6 of us to get together, have a little reflect on the previous week and get prepped for the coming one. We also pray for each other and for young people. Now today Jen from my team led us in a creative prayer task that I LOVED. It was really simple but actually really effective. So all she did was put on some Christian background music, and then gave us a topic and asked us to just pray out sentence prayers. E.g. Who is God...creator, faithful one, worthy, glorious etc. What are our worries...money, job, motives, acceptance etc. I really enjoyed this way of praying because a) people were really honest about things they were worrying about or needed, b) I like prayer that isn't quiet...I like it when we can join together in talking to God. A lot of the time prayer is portrayed as quiet and reflective and if I'm honest it sounds boring....but talking to my creator should be something I can't wait to do. I liked this activity because it made me want to talk to him. 
  • TOKEN TOM POINT: On Friday I went to see the Lion King with Tom (read more about him here) and it was ace. We were sitting in one of the boxes really close to the stage and one of the performers actually came into our little box for the opening song! Was insane. We both love musicals and have been to see a few now...in fact if you want any musical music talk to Tom because he has loads of soundtracks that he bops along to. 
  • I have been trying to teach myself guitar for a while now and I've got the chords down now (kind of) but the bit I'm really struggling with is strumming. How do you strum in rhythm? Anyone got any tips?
That's it for today - remember there are 5 days left of you telling me what you want to hear so comment on facebook or here :)

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