2 May 2013

Live Below The Line - Day 4

Long. Today has been long. Which has meant I have been hungry and tired. 

I had quite an early meeting to start the day with which meant my breakfast was moved to being earlier...which then meant when 12pm rolled around my stomach was quite literally growling...however I didn't want to eat my whole lunch because normally we wait and eat lunch a bit later on a Thursday after our lunch club...so I had part of my lunch 2 slices of toast with lemon curd. 

After the lunch club about 2pm I was able to enjoy the rest which was another 2 slices of bread with lemon curd and a packet of chicken flavoured noodles. This was enough to fill me up for a good while. However, I was running a bus session on an estate until about 5:15 when I had to dash away to a conference that XLP was hosting and so ate my last apple on the way. 

Got the conference and was serving refreshments (worst job ever when you can't eat/drink any!) and once that was done (about 7:30) I was able to eat my pasta with tomato/onion flavouring snack. It was just something to see me through as I knew I wouldn't be getting home until about 10-10:30ish. 

However, I'm home and I cannot bring myself to cook anything. 2 reasons, I am exhausted and the idea of standing over a stove is not fun, also cooking is great when you know it's worth it. With my limited ingredients I know that whatever I cook will be fine - but not great. 

It's got me thinking about how many other people who live on £1 a day just skip meals because they don't have the energy. I am definitely not eating my recommended 2000 calories - so I don't have the normal amount of energy I would have. Skipping meals is not fun. It makes you a bit grumpy...well me at least. 

Last thing - I've caught myself thinking about all the food I'm going to eat come Saturday as a bit of a binge. But, to be honest, I think that defeats the point somewhat. The idea isn't to go without only to then gorge myself - I want to take on what I've learnt and really think about how much I consume, do I need it? How can I use my money wisely? 

That said, I will definitely be buying a can of ginger beer on Saturday.  

With 1 day to go if you haven't sponsored me and would like to please visit my live below the line page https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/naomiallen

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