9 May 2013


Today has been a day filled of panic. 

I have realised I don't like panic. It's a bit of a stress isn't it. 

Over the bank holiday my office's server was being updated - it meant my laptop needed to be updated and so it was in the office from Friday til yesterday. Now today I turned it on to look up a rota and...everything was gone...!

Everything I'd worked on since I began the job with XLP, gone. You know when you are in the moment of realisation...when suddenly through your head a list of expletives string together as you understand the gravity of the situation. Yep. That was me.

However, I couldn't dwell on the discovery as I was due to be meeting someone and needed to get going...so I pelted out the door and quick marched to the station where much to my dismay I found the second panic of the day. 

My bike (which doesn't actually belong to me, but is on extended loan from a lady in my Church), had been locked at Hither Green since last Thursday when I rode there and totally forgot that that's where I had left it. Until today when I saw it from across the platform where it was parked...and someone has gone and pinched the back wheel...not just the tyre, literally the whole wheel. 


So then I had things like "I wonder how much a new wheel is to buy?" and "how do I even find out what size wheel I need?" going through my head. I have no idea when it comes to technical/practical things, and this just seemed like another thing on top of finding out about losing my work. 

Anyway, thankfully meeting my friend Sarah proved to be highly fruitful as she prayed that my  computer issues would be resolved and my work would be saved. And would you know it - it worked!! I came home and found that my files were all still there - but they had been saved onto the network rather than on my actual laptop. All good. 

So then I was like ok well God - you can make work be fine...can you make people return stolen wheels?! I'm still waiting for that...but I reckon he can. 

Anyway - it's been a day of mild panic. Thankfully it's been relatively short lived and the blood pressure has dropped back to it's normal levels of healthiness. 

Lesson learnt - praying solves things and brings peace. Should do it more.

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  1. :) totally understand how you feel. I often feel panicky about stuff. I'm glad it all worked out in the end (and I pray the same about the wheel too!).

    I learnt a good thing from Jarrod Cooper (who did a TV program today on UCB... he's a speaker from new life church, hull) about how when we trust and dwell in God's promises (no matter what our circumstances are like) our whole perspective changes and God works in us in a mighty way.

    So, when we feel anxious/panicky about things we need to dwell in His promises of peace, assurance and provision etc. I've always been a worrier so it was good to be challenged to realise that God doesn't want me to worry but to dwell in His peace and provision through His promises.

    I'm really pleased you prayed and God answered :) isn't God good!? And I pray that you would continue to dwell in His promises for your life and let him transform your perspective, you and all those around you.

    God bless xxx