29 May 2013

Questions Part 2

Continuing my series on answering questions, I got asked to post about my work and who I work with - from Chris Henriette.

So here we go. 

I work for a Christian Youth-work Charity called XLP - www.xlp.org.uk 

I've been working there as Senior Youth Worker in Lewisham since Sept 2011. These are the main people I work with. 

At the absolute top is our CEO Patrick Regan (OBE)

He set XLP up in 1996 in response to a stabbing in a local school playground. Now XLP works in about 65 schools and 24 estates across 7 London Boroughs. Patrick leads XLP with a Senior Management Team of 5/6 others. I get to meet with him and the other borough leaders for a monthly mentoring group which is a great way to both learn together and have the chance to be real together too.

Then my line manager is Chris Henriette

Chris is definitely the most unique line manager I have ever had. Ranging from doing his job incredibly well and making sure we are all trained properly...to wrestling and crushing me in an impromptu sumo session. He is quality and I have really appreciated his wisdom in knowing how to handle situations and move things forward in Lewisham. 

Then there are the other Borough Leaders - Tom, Tashomi, Sarah, Naomi, Cerys and Rachel

1. 2. 
4. 5. 

Can you guess who's who? These guys do my job in different boroughs and are totally hilarious. They make my life a lot of fun and let me tell you getting 7/8 youth workers all together for meetings genuinely is an inspired time...! (Tom's pictorial agendas are on another level)

Then each of us have our own team of gap year/degree students. Here is my team

(from left) Matt, JP, Hannah, Dave, Me, Sam, Dav and Nick

So I manage these guys and direct the youth work we all do in Lewisham. They are total jokers as you might be aware - search my post about Lunge Along with Lewisham if you are unsure....

As well as these people, there are those who do all the admin work/publicity for XLP, and those who head up our mentoring work, people who drive and head up the XLP buses, those who coordinate the gap year students, those who run sports projects and arts projects and loads of volunteers who help on different projects. 

This is most of us at the start of this academic year. It's safe to say I work with a lot of really fun people and am really blessed to call my colleagues friends. 


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