13 May 2013

People Blessing

This weekend has been A LOT of fun. It has also been hugely productive and jam-packed. 

Beth and I have a garden which hadn't been touched since I moved in in October - I think Beth had done some stuff in it last summer but safe to say it was VERY overgrown. We're talking shin/knee length grass, totally overgrown path, loads of weeds...it was bad. 

So considering we were having a garden party in the evening we needed the garden to be in at least a passable state. So it was time to call in the troops (aka the parents) and some extra volunteers in the form of friends. I am so blessed to have people who are so giving of their time and energy and so willing to help me out. 

We cleared both my front and back garden - filled 10 garden waste bags of grass/weeds/rubbish and managed to stay pretty dry despite the clouds trying to rain intermittently. I now have a lawn and a path! I have to give massive credit to the people who came to help us. My mum and dad just turned up and set to work clearing, mowing and generally being helpful. Davina from my team came and spent her energy clearing the front which looks amazing! Annie was great at just being directed and getting on with it. It's amazing how much you get done with more people. In one afternoon my garden was transformed.

And then....

We had loads of people come over to appreciate it! 

In the evening we hosted "Braidwood House Of Fun Garden Party" which was a BBQ and general house party. It was a lot of fun - we had about 40 guests, a lot of meat and a lot of laughter. Highlights for me probably included:

  • Making a totally embarrassing comment when the first guests arrived.
  • Watching my friends mingle and meet new people.
  • My friend Sian turning up with Baileys Chocolate Cupcakes!
  • My other friend Jo making the best Eton Mess EVER.
  • Staying up late laughing until my stomach ached. 
Then on Sunday I was going to Church and a lovely lady called Clare picked me up on the way - such a blessing. I was in both services at my Church as I was giving a notice about a Youth Group I am starting in a few weeks and I was just struck by how there are a lot of people who totally bless me there. I am lucky enough to be going to the Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Leadership Conference in the Royal Albert Hall tomorrow because my Church offered me the ticket. 

I think God is really showing me how much he loves me through people. I find as an extrovert it's sometimes difficult to hear God in the quiet and I more often than not hear God through other people, in conversations, through sermons or through other people praying. People are a massive blessing. Being part of a community is a brilliant place to be. It's something God is showing me more and more.

Also I have been listening to an album and this song is one that I really liked so I thought I would share. 

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