3 May 2013

Live Below The Line - Day 5

Anticipation. Today has been full of it. The feeling of almost being free to eat and drink at my leisure without worrying (too much) about the cost. 

Psychologically I have been really up-beat today. It's sunny, it's the last day of living below the line...tomorrow I can guzzle a can of ginger beer in careless abandon. 

Not for everyone though. If I really was living below the poverty line on £1 a day, every day I would be worrying about next week and if I had enough money to make it through. One of the big drawbacks to living on so little is the impossibility of being able to buy in bulk. So you live hand to mouth on a regular basis. Whereas my mindset was focused on doing this for one week, they have the fear of doing it week after week. 
I was quite impressed by how much I had left for today -
Breakfast: 1 bowl of cornflakes - they are getting mixed with some muesli tomorrow.
Lunch: chicken flavoured noodles and 4 slices of bread/toast with lemon curd
Dinner: rice with onion, carrot, kidney beans and sweetcorn and vegetable stock.
Snack whilst dinner was cooking - fried egg on toast.

Even after that I have a third of a loaf of bread left, half a bag of rice, half a bag of cornflakes, 2 thirds of veg stock and a lot of pepper. Not too bad at all

Final thoughts: Despite this week being challenging in many respects, I have really enjoyed getting more of an idea about what it is like to live on this very limited amount. Experiencing something first hand always helps me to understand more about what it's really like for those in that position - it's an eye-opener.

I have been really surprised to see how many people have come on the journey with me - whether it's through reading my blogs or seeing my statuses, or talking to others about the project or sponsoring me. I just want to say a massive thank you! I have appreciated all the support so so much. It's made the week a lot more bearable.

If you would like to sponsor me then this is last time I'll tell you that the link you need is https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/naomiallen 

Now off to bed so I can wake up and have something different to basics cornflakes.

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