30 May 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm interrupting my series on answering questions to share my thanks for a specific friend who has been super amazing in the last couple weeks. 

Bec Lemen-Hogarth

Now I know Bec (formally known as Splodge) from university. We were on the Women's Cricket Team together in my first (and possibly second?) year. As she was a couple years ahead of me she left Aberystwyth and we kind of fell out of contact with each other. 

HOWEVER, over the last few weeks that contact has been re-kindled as Bec turns out to be the most useful and generous person ever. You may remember my bike endured a brutal attack in which the back wheel was taken...well Bec turns out to be a bit of a bike whizz and is building me a new wheel!! 

In addition to this I am doing a sponsored cycle ride in September for XLP which basically is riding through 4 countries in 4 days...(my poor bum!) and Bec is going to teach my everything she knows, plus potentially lend me a bike!

You know when you are like "wow, you have literally just solved my problem", well she has done that on a number of occasions now and I am very thankful for her. 

Thanks Bec!

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