31 May 2013

Questions Part 3

Back into the series and today I am answering a question from Bethan Thomas. She asked: Why do you blog? What is your inspiration? What so you like about it and what do you find hard about it?

Some quality questions and ones which have got my thinking.

So first up WHY?
I first started to blog because my friend Rachel was blogging and I figured as I was leaving Aber it would be a good way for people to keep in touch with what I was up to. Then it turned into a way of articulating what God was saying to me and now it has evolved into a way of me being able to reflect out loud (well through typing) about what is going on, what I think, life, God, issues etc. I think I find it quite hard to reflect introvertly, I just don't spend lots of time thinking deeply. But I do find blogging helps me to work out what I actually think and why. 

I think life is my inspiration. I mean I often will blog about things that have happened to me throughout the day, or things I have been thinking about, topics in the news etc. I think my inspiration is things I find interesting and I just share them in the hope that others will find them interesting. Quite often I will blog about what God has been speaking to me about because I think it's good to share when you hear from God to encourage others. In general though my inspiration is all around me!

I really like how it's so random who reads it. Like when I was doing my Live Below The Line Challenge I was so surprised by the number of people, who I had no idea that they read my blog, commenting on how I was doing. I also like sharing things that maybe are a bit difficult and having the support of an online community. While I can't ring all my friends and talk to them all the time, I can write and both friends, and relative strangers can respond. I also really like how much I actually find blogging to be a bit of a release. Especially when I feel there are lots of things in my head. 

I do find it difficult knowing the line of appropriateness when it comes to blogging. Like when I am annoyed do I really need to let the world know? But then I want to be genuine and not just show one side of my life. I also find it tricky to keep things fresh and not just get into a boring rut of blogging about me...I don't want to become self obsessed. I don't like it when dodgy spammers use my link to my URL - in fact I actually hate that. But apart from that I sometimes find it difficult to know where to start, there are lots of things in this head of mine and sometimes I'll start writing something and by the time I finish it's about a totally different topic. 

In general, I have found blogging to be really fruitful, both for keeping in touch with people, and also for helping me to process. 

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