25 Jun 2012

Phone Miracle

So I've had a couple of days to unwind from blogging life and there have been a number of things that have struck me that I want to blog about...but I'm going to take one at a time.

Today, something that happened to me yesterday.

I was on the train on my way back from Islington having visited my friend Luffy, and going on to meet my friends Ian and Emma in Forest Hill to watch the England game. Now I got off at Forest Hill, walked across the road to the pub and saw my friends weren't there yet so made the standard trip to the bar to dabble in polite conversation and get a drink to distract me while I waited for my friends. The barman was plain weird. Normally I like to make excuses for people as to why they are as they are, but this guy was genuinely really weird and maybe he has a reason, maybe not but he didn't endear me to conversation at all so having got my pint I thought I would text Ian to find out how near they were....

....shock horror....I had left my phone on the train! 

At this point it is worth mentioning I actually have 2 phones, a work one and my one. I had managed to leave my work one on the train because I was meeting work friends...grrrr. Anyway I had my other phone in my hand about to ring my work phone to see if it had been picked up by anyone and at that moment Ian and Emma walked in with the good news that someone had picked up my phone and rang Ian (he was the last person I had spoken to). This lady lived relatively close by and we had her address so I could pop over and get it whenever. WIN!

So I decided I would give this wonderful lady a ring at half time and organise going to get my phone back. Halftime rolls around and Ian gets a text from my phone saying that the lady was in The Hob...the exact pub we were in and if I wanted I could get the phone then. 

So I rang my phone and retrieved it from this lovely lady from the same pub we had been in all evening...

....I lost my phone on a train and I didn't even have to go anywhere to pick it up. God is good.

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